Mingshuo Group & Stallkamp(Beijing) cooperation meeting

未标题-1On the afternoon of March 22, Mingshuo Group held a meeting with Stallkamp(Beijing) at West International Trade Hotel.

This is the first formal meeting between the two sides after reaching the agency agreement. The first part of the meeting was the technical exchange of the products details in the agency agreement. At the same time, Stallkamp(Beijing) reported the production progress of products purchased by Mingshuo Group for the first time.


The second part of the meeting was a detailed plan of German Stallkamp Group to invest and build factories in China. Mingshuo Group, Stallkamp(Beijing), and Weifang Government participated in the meeting, they elaborated each side detailed plan, and the policy.


Finally, in view of the IE EXPO China(Shanghai) 2021, Mingshuo Group reached an agreement withStallkamp(Beijing) on the product display.


Post time: Mar-29-2021