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Founded in 2004, Mingshuo Group is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the development of desulfurization business. It has passed the ISO9001 quality, environmental, occupational health and safety management system certification, and has the professional construction qualification of environmental engineering. Obtained more than 30 patents and participated in the formulation of national standards for biogas desulfurization.

The company is the “demonstration enterprise of environmental protection equipment manufacturing in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology”, the “enterprise abiding by contracts and honoring credit” in Shandong Province, and has established the “industrial design center for desulfurization technology in Shandong Province”. The company’s products have been awarded the title of "China Green and Eco-friendly Product" and the chairman Shi Jianming won the title of "Person of the Year in Shandong Circular Economy".

We have established long term cooperation with CNPC, SINOPEC, CNOOC, CHD, CSIC, COFCO, Beijing Drainage Group, Weichai Group, Infore Enviro etc.The company has independent import and export rights, and has provided a full set of desulfurization system services for many customers in the United States, Canada, Russia, Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines and countries along the Belt and Road initiative.

With the concept of "cherishing the limited and creating the infinite", the company builds an international leading system service provider in the desulfurization industry.

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Mingshuo Group Brief Introduction

전문, 경험이 풍부한 엔지니어, 잘 관리 워크샵 및 판매 팀, 우리는 R & D, 제조 및 무역을 포함하여 가스 스트림에서 바이오 가스 플랜트 및 H2S 제거 시스템의 통합 시스템 제공 업체입니다.

ISO 9001 : 201 품질 관리, ISO 14001 : 2015 환경 관리 및 OHSAS 18001 : 2007 규정에 따라 Mingshuo Group은 2004 년부터 환경 보호 및 새로운 에너지에 전념하고 있습니다. 항상“제한된 자원을 소중히 여기고 무한한 가치를 창출하십시오”라는 개념을 고수하고 있습니다. , 우리는 고객의 요구에 부응하고 비용을 절감하며 환경 친화적 인 시스템 솔루션을 제공하기 위해 최선을 다합니다. 많은 바이오 가스 프로젝트와 탈황 시스템이 설치되어 있습니다. 중국 방문을 환영합니다.

If you need to remove H2S from gas streams, we are available for you.

With a professional team that works with environmental protection, we provide customized desulfurization solutions for clients in various industries.