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Protection Tips during COVID-19

protection tips during covid-19

Before going out: Take a temperature measurement, assess the physical condition, prepare a face mask and disinfectant paper towels to be used throughout the day.

On the way to work: Try to choose walking, cycling, driving by car, etc. other than public transportation, wear a face mask during public transportation and try to avoid touching the contents of the car with your hands.

Take the elevator: Be sure to wear a face mask, use paper towels when touching the buttons, do not rub your eyes and touch your face, try not to communicate in the elevator, wash your hands immediately after leaving the elevator. It is recommended to take the stairs on the lower floors, and do not touch armrest.

Get into the office: Wear a mask even indoors, ventilate three times a day for 20-30 minutes each time, and keep warm when ventilating. It’s better to cover it with paper towels when coughing or sneezing. Minimize the use of central air conditioning.

At work: Reduce face-to-face communication, try to communicate online as much as possible, and keep a distance of more than 1 meter with colleagues. Wash hands frequently, wash hands before and after circulating paper documents. Drink plenty of water and each person should drink no less than 1500 ml of water daily. Reduce concentrated meetings and control the duration of the meeting.

meeting during covid-19

How to eat: Try to bring meals from home. If you go to the restaurant, do not eat at the peak time and avoid getting together. Take off the mask at the last minute when you sit down to eat, avoid eating face to face and try not to speak when eating.

It’s time to off-work: Don’t make appointments or parties! Wash your hands, wear a face mask, and stay at home.

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Back home: Wash your hands first, and open the windows to ventilate them. Place coats, shoes, bags, etc. in the corners of fixed rooms and wash them in a timely manner. Pay particular attention to disinfecting cell phones, keys, etc. Drink plenty of water, exercise properly, and pay attention to rest.

Wish all people good health under this worldwide Emergency health event!

Post time: Mar-20-2020